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The Country Club Aires (CCA) Chorus & Band have a new name and logo as of Jan 2024

We are in the process of transitioning our documments, website and content to the new Singin' Swingin' Sirs organization, which is, like the CCA was, sponsored by the Sons In Retirement (SIR), but now our home is within SIR Branch #102 in Carmichael, California. SIR Logo

As new SSS content is created, that content will be linked from the menu items above,
or there will be additional, appropriate, menu items added for the new content.

For now, if you don't see what you need linked from the SSS menu above, just click
on this link to get to our previous content.
CCA Home Page

To learn what SIR is all about, just click on either of their logos you see on this page.

Please don't mind our dust! We're working deligently on the conversions!